Finally getting your PhD. So where are all the PhD t-shirts?

I believe the first thing I did when word came down that I would be graduating at the end of the term was find me a t-shirt.  More specifically a PhD t-shirt. As I began my search, I realized the results showed the same designs over and over again. They were not bad designs, but I wanted something different.  After all, a PhD grad needs PhD stuff, and I was willing to pay any price for it.  

So where are all the ingenious designs?  You can't tell me that no one has thought of creating new designs outside of the conventions? The answer would be painful but true - there are no PhD designs besides the same ones you see on the internet.

So now I have to do something about that because if I am looking for something unique then I can only imagine there are others out there feeling the same way.  Regardless of gender, nationality, sexuality, or any other -ality there is, something must be done.  I want a PhD t-shirt and I want it now.  The world must know that I spend thousands of hours and dollars to achieve this prestigious degree.  I don't want to tell them I achieved greatness, but I do want them to see it.

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