About Us

The vision of PHD Urban Clothing LLC began as far back as 2017 after an unsuccessful search of doctoral-related merchandise rendered limited options.  You see the same shirt, the same message, and even the same colors.  Basically, those where your only choices.  Fast-forward to today and you still find the same post-graduate degree paraphernalia available for sale…until now. 

In October 2022, PHD Urban Clothing LLC opened and trademarked its logo and will soon become the most unique, trendy, and fashionable clothing line designed specifically for post-graduate degree recipients.  While “ph.D” will open the clothing line, the future will gear up for other post-graduate degrees, which we find just as important and deserves to be focused.


We aim to offer unique and trendy clothing designs, on quality products at reasonable prices, to those having an interest in rejoicing and displaying their achievement of the highest educational dreams.